Defending Animals 2
Defending Animals 2

Welcome to Defend Animals 2 which is my first animal advocacy website that is completely designed on the iPad. This site is my first website I started iin 2012 in response to the horrible treatment of animals around the world. I started this site after watching a Humane Society undercover video on you tube. I was always pro animal. The photos and videos I have seen, are life changing. I will describe that in another part of this site. The videos and photos you will see are graphic. However, the abuse and cruelty is real. It has to stop. Which can only happen via change. Progress has been made, but there is still much that has to be done. Updated 06/11/2018

The purpose of this site is to show case achievements of many humane organization who fight for the rights of all animals.  Some organizations  lobby to enact laws to protect those without a voice.  Some of the videos/photos on this sight are graphic and sadly portray the inhumane treatment of all animals.  This sight will post video and news stories from all major organizations.  We all have our views and limits, so the author of this site takes the position that cruelty  and abuse of animals is a crime and laws need to be enforced. Everywhere it happens. Regardless if it is an abused cat or elephant.  This sight is all about stopping this horrific inhumane treatment and abuse by humans and sadistic corporate practices. If you can harm an defenseless animal. That same evil can harm humans as well. Please direct any comments to

Update 9/27/17

Our website had grown out of control. We are centered our site around to areas animal rights and not eating them. This site will undergo a change and will be the directory of our main site. Stay tuned.

Update 1/2018

Check out main site. News letters and more news feeds as well.