06 September 2020


10 June 2020


The original website
The original website

Yes defendanimals.net is still around. So to attrition, human illness and death with have lost a good part of our original crew. I am the founder of defendanimals net and would like to bring it back to life’s. I would like to get more exposure that as of now can’t be done with people. If interested. Please email us if interested in helping.

10 May 2019


Just an update. We are still here

08 March 2019

Still here at defendanimals.net

22 June 2018

New Format

The format of this site will be. Changing soon.

16 September 2017

News Of There

As before please check out www.defendanimals.net which is the main website

18 February 2017

Website update

This is the first website of defendanimals.net. Clidefendanimals.netck on the link to see the new site

01 January 2017

Here Is Your Chicken nuggets

24 August 2016

Check Out The The Main Website

Visit www.defendanimals.net
Visit www.defendanimals.net

08 July 2016


Nice story

18 May 2016

Meat Eaters Visit The Farm

Meat eaters visit farms

12 May 2016

Justice For Tiger

justice for tiger
justice for tiger

Should she keep her license? sign the petition

23 April 2016

Trainer Abusing Tiger

PETA video

22 December 2015

Their World Is Melting Away

So sad

13 December 2015

Amazing Animals

08 December 2015

NJ Bear kill

The start.

08 December 2015

Stop Exploiting Animals

29 November 2015

Choosr Not To Eat Animals

29 November 2015

Prayer For A Stray

Prayer for a Stray
Prayer for a Stray

29 November 2015